Written by Deb Morgan
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I truly believe that there have been many intelligent civilizations over the past 30,000 years. There is no way that humans woke up one morning and realized that they were intelligent. It came from thousands or perhaps millions of years of learning, thriving and even making mistakes and improving their methods of doing things. The history of humans go back 30,000 years, archaeology can prove this. My biggest fear is that something will happen to our civilization and no one will remember that once we found out as a populace that we possibly once came from Mars, one of our neighboring planets.
If Plato’s story of Atlantis really is true, and I believe it is, then that would push back in time scientist’s theories of cultured and intelligent civilizations. I am writing to prove that it should be pushed back. I have been doing research in all areas of science for a long time now and I have come up with some very interesting tid bits that I am prepared to share with you on this website. This information should prove to every one the possibility of Atlantis is very real.
Plato speaks many times through out his dialog’s how this story is true. He states within his works that the source comes from an Egyptian Priest named Solon who lived in Egypt. After some research I have found out that Egypt did in deed have Egyptian Priests that looked over libraries of information. So this told me that the story is plausible.
Ancient Egypt is still a mystery as in how their civilization began. Did it come from a much more advanced civilization? Also I cannot help but think if this was a story that Plato made up, as many people claim, then why didn’t he just claim this story as his own? I mean it is a fantastic story. He is adamant that this story is true and it came from an Egyptian priest. If Plato was telling a tale instead of the truth then why did he claim this tale came from another person? Why not claim this tale for him self? I don’t believe it is a tale. I believe he was telling the truth and couldn’t consciously take credit for it.
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