The day after Roswell

I don’t usually post anything about UFO’s or Aliens from another planet. But I believe this is very important and everyone needs to know that this is real. I am going to share just a couple of resources that you can check yourself and see for yourself and make your own decision on whether they are real or fiction. For the most part I just hope you have fun doing this.
First off try, there you can do a search “UFO NASA live feed”. Here is a youtube video I really want people to see. This video shows an object entering the video and heading toward Earths atmosphere. Next you will see a flash of light coming from the Earth and the object turned and moved, very fast, away from Earth. Objects do not naturally move like this.
Now, if you actually do the research then you should run into this name ” Col. Phillip Corso”. Col. Corso, with the help of William J. Birnes, wrote a book all about UFO’s and Roswell. To me he is the real deal. I remember watching a documentary with Stanton T. Friedman, a Physicist who has made a contribution to finding out the truth behind the Roswell incident. He claimed that Col. Phillip Corso checked out. Then he said that Col. Corso was in the military during the years he states in his book. I wish I could remember the whole documentary because he went on about how everything he checked on Col. Corso checked out.
Well I hope you all enjoyed this post as well as learned a few things. I am currently listening to The day after Roswell on I have already read the book years ago. Now I am enjoying it again.
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Deb Morgan