Bright light on Mars.


April 2nd and 3rd of 2014 NASA’s rover Curiosity spotted a bright light in 2 images. NASA’s experts come up with explanations like “a glint from a rock or a cosmic-ray hit”.


A glint is not as strong as that light that is shining on the images so for right now I am going to rule that out until I get more info on what they mean by a glint. Now for the cosmic-ray hit. If this were possible then more images would have been showing shining lights off in the distance because cosmic-rays having been happening for a long time now.
Now what could it really be? Some people are saying that it is a UFO, some people believe that there is intelligent life on Mars and they are trying to show us they are there under ground. A UFO would have been up in the air not coming out of the ground so I am going to rule that one out, also the light was too small to be a space ship.


And then let’s not forget about the bug in a Mars image that I found.

There are only two of these theories that I believe has a chance of being true, first one is a rock and the Sun is shining off from it. The second is Martians living under ground and trying to get our attention. Only time will tell.