Atlantis finally found!


I have been studying Atlantis for over 20 years. I believe I have proof that it was once was in the Caribbean Sea. The Dr. Little’s have found the harbor where Atlantis had their main ships come in and out. But they still have not found the main area where Atlantis was located. I believe that I have proof of an underwater building that has yet to be discovered. I have not been able in all of my research to find anyone who has discovered this building or the remains of it.


You see I believe that Atlantis was covered in water not submerged in water. Where the Caribbean Sea is located was once a valley and I believe inside that valley is where Atlantis was located safely tucked in with the rings of mountains all around them.

 AtlantisGooglecircled (640x388)
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Yes this is what I believe is part of Atlantis, right under Puerto Rico. I need to find out if anyone has been down there and researched this building or what is left of it. Anyone with information of this please let me know. I can be located at starbie at Please let me know of any information pertaining to my find.