Possible UFO on Mars!


I was downloading more images off from NASA’s website when I found on 2 separate images what appears to be an unidentified flying object. What do you think? The below image’s name from NASA was called 2N127786748EFF0327P1932L0M1.jpg and 2N127786600EFF0327P1932L0M1.jpg. I renamed them so it would be easier to find them on my computer. To find them on NASA’s site just click the NASA link I have provided for you and go to “All raw images”. Click on “Spirit raw images” and these images can be found within the first 3 boxes of images on that page.

Below is another image I found on NASA’s website of a UFO.



Please notice that there is nothing else flying around in the picture so I have ruled out a wind storm kicking up dirt.


Images Credit: NASA/JPL