Toledo UFO update

Update of Toledo UFO 

A friend of mine, Steve Martin, in the UK ran my original image through some Photoshop filters and bolted them together and came up with the above image. It shows the round cylinders are uniform on the bottom of this unidentified flying object. I have had a lot of people telling me that this object looks like a rod. I have the original video and the still image of this object. To me it does not look like the rods I have been viewing on websites, but then I could be wrong.

UFO in Toledo, Ohio

Article done 11-13-2002

© 2002 Deb Johnson
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You can always go and view UFO pictures off from the internet but it never really seems real until you tape your own video of a UFO. I am a researcher and through my journeys looking at every documentary and loads of websites that deal with the UFO phenomenon I never believed that I personally would ever see or film a UFO. The last part of August or maybe it was the first part of September I was watching an old television show called “Sightings”. A gentleman named John Bro was on the show that I had happened to catch and he would take his video camera outside and tape UFO’s in the corona of the sun. I thought this cannot be true. More people would be spotting these things if it were true. After a few days I still couldn’t get the program out of my mind. If it is strange and out of this world then I am all over it. So I decided to go outside and give it a shot for myself. I only spent like 15 to 20 minutes outside taping in the suns corona before I got really bored with it. I also was wondering if I had anything on tape yet so I went in and popped the video tape into my VCR. Before I go any further with my story I would like to stress to everyone that this method of taping should be done with UV protective sun glasses. Please protect your vision at all times while doing this. Ok, now back to the story. I’m watching video and if I had to take my eyes off the tape I would hit pause till I could watch the TV again. All of a sudden I saw a flash go across the screen. I said out loud what the heck was that. I grabbed the remote and hit rewind and watched the section of the white flash again. There it went again. I quickly hit pause and was very thankful that I have a 4 head VCR with slow rewind and slow fast forward. I hit slow rewind a few times until the object in the picture came into view.


After seeing this I knew that I had to get a picture on my computer for analyses. My brother in law has a computer with a TV card that he can hook up VCR’s and camcorders to it and take the video off from the tape and onto his computer. I called him up and told him what I did and I needed it on my computer and of course he said come on over. After my husband arrived home from work we took off with the tape and proceeded over to Jim’s (my brother in law) house. The first time he saw the tape he did not catch the white flash and that wasn’t a surprise to me because I had already shown it too 6 other people who also did not see the white flash go across the screen. I had to pause the tape and slow rewind it for him until the UFO came into view. And like the 6 other people before him he said wow, you really got something here. We hooked up the camcorder to his computer and copied the video onto his hard drive. I slapped the file onto CD and took it home to my computer where my computer would not read the format for this file. I was really upset and after telling Jim of this problem he went and loaded the file up on his computer and took a still image for me of the UFO and sent it too me through email. I analyzed the picture and found out that the UFO is of some kind of shiny substance that reflects the sun. And I am not a graphics expert that was as far as I could go with this photo.


I sent Linda Moulton Howe, a reporter, investigator and editor of, an email on November 9th telling her of this picture that I have and asking her if she would like to investigate it for me. She emailed me back on November 10th asking me to see the picture so of course I sent it too her along with another note asking her if she has ever seen anything like this before. I received another email from her asking me of the conditions of which I got this object on film. I then replied to this email letting her know why I was outside taping the sky and again I asked her if she has ever seen anything like this before. She has not let me know yet what she thinks about this. I’m sure that she is VERY busy and she could even be looking into whether or not this picture is even real. I know myself that it is definitely real. But someone who does not know me might think that I faked it. That was and still is the first question that comes to my mind after viewing a UFO tape or picture from someone else. 


During the email sessions with Linda Moulton Howe I decided to go to her website and read her latest headlines. Knowing myself that this is real and feeling anxiety over the realization that we are not alone I found myself not able to sleep. I read this article with Ryan Wood. And now after reading the article I can safely say this object is a UFO, and definitely not of this world. They have been here since 1947 and they are probably here to stay. You can see Government documents that describe exactly what I have on video. The article about these documents are on and the name of the article is ” Majestic-12 Document Update with Ryan Wood About Extraterrestrial Technologies”. Linda Moulton Howe gave a wonderful interview with Ryan Wood. It’s a must read article if you are a UFO believer, or especially if you are a non believer.


We must come together and find a way to communicate with whomever is piloting this UFO. Only then will we know just what their intentions really are. I would like everyone to come together and try to find a way to communicate with these beings. Want to help out? Have an idea? Maybe you have a sighting of your own you can share with us. Then join us in our forum.


It’s quite obvious that normal communications is not going to be the answer here. I will continue to research until the answer of communication has been found.




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