Tree on Mars?

I call this ridiculous reporting. How can this be called a tree when the rocks behind it looks just like this one.
Tree Stump on Mars.


Finally back up and running.

I am finally back online and I am so glad that the team was there to help me out with it. I was down a lot longer then I wanted to be. I am so sorry for that. But now I can get everyone caught up with what NASA has recently found on Mars.

NASA is now believing that Mars has a lot of water ice on it.

Mars Canyons Study Adds Clues about Possible Water

Life is very possible on Mars. I have proof of life.

Scientist still will not come out and admit that life is possible on Mars today. When ever there is water there is life. This article was published 12 hours ago.
Mars crater wetter than thought, had water tracks in the last million years
You may be asking me right now where is my proof.
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