3 UFO’s caught on video taken by the ISS camera

If you want to just see the video then you can see it below.

3 UFO’s

The original article states that NASA turned off the feed as soon as they realized that there were UFO’s leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

My thing is we already know that we are not alone in this universe, so the real question here is not are we alone it is why are they here and what do they want? Now if our governments can tell us what they want and they are still denying it well then we have a right to get pissed off.

Hanger 1: The UFO Files or any UFO show.


This is really pissing me off. Ok, we know without a doubt that UFO’s are real and they are here flying around on Earth. But what we don’t know is why.

1. So know the real question is what do they want from us?
2. Does our Government know what they want?

We need to stop asking our Governments if what we saw was a UFO. Use your eyes and your intelligence and ask your Government the right questions. Question 1 and 2 are the only answers we do not have and your Government most likely does have those answers.