A UFO sphere found on Mars.

Everything is coming to a head now. The American people can no longer be lied to. Watch this video and then click the link below that to see the sphere for yourself from NASA’s website.

See it for yourself on NASA’s website.


New Earth like planet found.

New Earth like planet found
Scientist are still unsure of this planets atmosphere. But I am sure they will be finding out that information very quickly.

Moon and Venus


Caribbean Sea

All evidence points to the Caribbean Sea as being the resting spot of the long lost city of Atlantis. If you have read Plato’s Critias and Timaeus then you would know he points the direction toward the Caribbean Sea. Many people would like you to look in other directions, but I believe they are finding left over remnants of the ancient city of Athens. Plato spoke of them in his dialog’s, this shows us that Plato’s dialog’s are not full of crap they are a long lost history and Plato wrote it down for all to know.


Atlantis was covered by Sea water and we now call it the Caribbean Sea. It can be seen on Google Earth a building that is slanted most likely from when the water came crashing in and knocking the building over. Must more research needs to be done in this area. I will try and find out more about this and post it here. Please add any comments pertaining to this post.

Unmanned NASA-contracted rocket explodes

Unmanned NASA-contracted rocket explodes

Lunar Rocks Are First Direct Evidence of Collision That ...

Lunar Rocks Are First Direct Evidence of Collision That Formed Moon.
This proves that we (humans) still are learning about space and other planets, even the ones in our own Solar System.

Could it be true that Darwin got it all wrong?

I say yes he did, and now I have this article in front of my face.

You can read it and decide

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Bright light on Mars.


April 2nd and 3rd of 2014 NASA’s rover Curiosity spotted a bright light in 2 images. NASA’s experts come up with explanations like “a glint from a rock or a cosmic-ray hit”.


A glint is not as strong as that light that is shining on the images so for right now I am going to rule that out until I get more info on what they mean by a glint. Now for the cosmic-ray hit. If this were possible then more images would have been showing shining lights off in the distance because cosmic-rays having been happening for a long time now.
Now what could it really be? Some people are saying that it is a UFO, some people believe that there is intelligent life on Mars and they are trying to show us they are there under ground. A UFO would have been up in the air not coming out of the ground so I am going to rule that one out, also the light was too small to be a space ship.


And then let’s not forget about the bug in a Mars image that I found.

There are only two of these theories that I believe has a chance of being true, first one is a rock and the Sun is shining off from it. The second is Martians living under ground and trying to get our attention. Only time will tell.


Scientist’s sound undecided when it comes to Mar& ...

It sounds to me like they can’t make up their minds on the age of Mars and the craters and Meteorites. If they can’t then how can they possible date the age for which it lost it’s atmosphere completely?




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Atlantis finally found!


I have been studying Atlantis for over 20 years. I believe I have proof that it was once was in the Caribbean Sea. The Dr. Little’s have found the harbor where Atlantis had their main ships come in and out. But they still have not found the main area where Atlantis was located. I believe that I have proof of an underwater building that has yet to be discovered. I have not been able in all of my research to find anyone who has discovered this building or the remains of it.


You see I believe that Atlantis was covered in water not submerged in water. Where the Caribbean Sea is located was once a valley and I believe inside that valley is where Atlantis was located safely tucked in with the rings of mountains all around them.

 AtlantisGooglecircled (640x388)
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Yes this is what I believe is part of Atlantis, right under Puerto Rico. I need to find out if anyone has been down there and researched this building or what is left of it. Anyone with information of this please let me know. I can be located at starbie at ymail.com. Please let me know of any information pertaining to my find.